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 I am fueled by my faith , influenced and motivated by  my lived experiences

The consistent modeling and sharing of  life skills  and shaping of character by parents, grandparents, and neighbors taught me the importance of  knowing, valueing and having the ability to making a my cultural heritage.Engagement in social entrepreneurship an approach used to uplift neighborly kindness, community responsibility and  lessen the devastation of the inequalities, inequitysocial justice advocacy.

My lived experiences with As a child01 I was  exposed to

aware of m compassion, empathy, sensitivity  t In 1986 I had a spiritual vision that revealed I would become a social justice advocate and entrepreneur creating social enterprises to impact lives. My adult lived experiences oward to inciting hope and sharing my innate gifting and skillsets.   I have undergone a 35 years process of preparation involving hands-on learning to hone my innate social entrepreneur and chef creativity and skills while engaging in grassroots and community based.

I  am an innately gifted culturally responsive counselor. Currently, I hold status as a BBS Registered Associate Professional Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. My academic  and professional certification and training achieve diverse levels of academic achievemenCUE I share the lessons and strategies learned from my lived experiences with spiritual healing, I promote and exhibit personal excellence within effectively utiling my multiple innate gifting and talents, creativity, expertise, the betterment of myself and others.  I  aspire to join the legacy of Black women entrepreneurs, chefs, and healing arts professionals  strengthening, preparing, and support our women, sharing the richness of the Black and African American culture and capabilities   


Each ICU plan is designed by  our

Our purpose is to help our subscriber achieve goals, transition to

Label 1- Made from scratch & Healthy Cultural Foods. What do they do?:

Clarene Cares:

Relational Collaborative Care, Assessment, Ergonomic evaluation, Support groups

Business start- up.

 Cook N Up Cookery- Food Literacy, Master Classes Zoom

CUE Theatre: CHAT 6-week,  Personal & professional growth masterclasses, and cohorts, 

Podcast: Conversation with Clarene, Cook' Up with Chef Clarene

Sweet Aromas:  ICU Plans  enrollment, Portions to Go, Hand-blended Seasoning, 


What do they do? The ICU's help our subscribers gain access to culturally responsive inner and intergeneration healing, remove stigma and barriers to whole-person care, and promote and celebrate Black cultural foods as healthy dietary choices,   


T to create self-directed care plans to help our subscribers navigate:

Healing focus on  ulturally responsive healing and whole-person centered care planning

Food literacy education and made from scratch meals and bakery treats, and hand-blended seasoning  

 Disability /mental health advocacy/mentoring

 Personal and professional development masterclass and workshops,

Peer support specialist training

Socialization events,


What do they do:

to provide s Tt. We specialize in delivering culturally responsive Intervention and offer prepared food services, disability /mental health advocacy, masterclasses and workshops, peer support services, and socialization events. We specialize

Culturally responsive, Uplifting, and Empowering, 

I initiated the Inner Care Units as San Joaquin Central Valley's first for Women, specifically Black/African American women first Virtual and Mobile Wholeperson Care r deprived children.
Through this innovative concept we attempt to reach the grass root level where education is not reachable.
These Virtual and Mobile service School is well equipped with the educational material like Black Board, Books, Audio Visual Aids, Laboratory, Library, Computer etc.
At a time approximately 35 students can accommodate in this bus.

Our team of teachers & social activists are available to literate the children in the areas where they are found.
We summon the child labours and the children from slum inside the bus and conduct the class for minimum 2 hrs. Then the bus leads towards its next destination.

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