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1. Memberships: Is open to Black American women and their families, Military, Correction officers and their families, Healing Arts ministers, pre-certified and registered pre-licensed professionals, Peer Support Specialists, Faith-Based Leadership teams, State-run consumer agencies, Peer -Run, and Recovery organizations, EAP and Insurance companies. 
Membership Fees: Are identified on every membership enrollment agreement, are due on the 1st day of each month, and are non-refundable.  
2. Consultation appointments are facilitated via Zoom and are scheduled in 50-minute increments. We offer a Q&A free video that can be viewed on our social media page and website prior to a consultation appointment.
3. E
ducation durations are 50-90 minutes. Topics: Self-Love, Adjusting to a new identity and Disability, Transforming into a Faith-fueled Black woman, Kingdom business entrepreneur, and grief & loss.
Community Gatherings are scheduled bi-monthly and quarterly, registration and pre-payment are required.
 5. Specialty food menu and gifts: Our rotating specialty food menu and gift item is available upon email request.


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