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Personalized and Affiliate/Partner Memberships
Consultation and Care planning appointments are required before any membership engagement is authorized. 



Capacity Building


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The Intervention  membership focus is on the healing of the inner man  and intergeneration


  • Culinary Arts Healing Therapy held Bi-weekly duration 90- minutes,

  • Psychosocial education and Peer support duration 50 minutes.

  • Group size: 5-7 members

The CUE Theatre membership enrollment is through ticketed registration on Eventbrite. The CUE Theatre online calendar presents the weekly, monthly, and quarterly scheduled of  Early bird, Matinee, Evening: 

  • Live and on-demand webinars

  • Cohort training

  • Digital Story Telling

  •  Podcast/Vodcast

  •  Supper Club and Socialization events.

The Uplifting membership promotes engagement in self-love and self-care by providing access to:

  • Our rotating menu of culturally inspired made from scratch meals and bakery

  • Handcrafted gift baskets

  •  VIP registration for Supper Club and other events.