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Sawubono" I see you"

  According to the Census Bureau, "There are in total, more than 56 million Americans living with some form of disability, and that includes 5.4 million African Americans with disabilities.  In addition, the National Center on Disability and Journalism reports, "Approximately 6 million African Americans in the U.S. live with a disability of some kind. In fact,  African Americans have the highest rate of disability of all segments of the population at a little over 20 percent.

Access to a platform that can help fill
social determinants of health
• Access to Rehabilitation, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Coaches, Mentors,   , that support proactive care delivery
Information on the preferred A care coordination solution for

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improved outcomes and reduced costs
• Networking and partnership with CCBHCs across the U.S.

The Cook'N Up Excellence (CUE) Collective LLC, founded in 2018 is a Black-owned and Peer-led organization committed to implementing innovative solutions to fill the gaps that exist within access to care coordination for Black and African Americans and other persons of color living with disabilities, mental health and/or substance use recovery lives. Our five innovative Inner Care Units are a collective of social enterprises delivering:  

  • Culturally responsive whole-person care services and Rehabilitation Counseling intervention 

  • Faith-Based Coaching

  • Capacity Building (Intellectual, Spiritual, Professional) empowerment , education



  •  Leadership development,

  • Peer Support Specialist, Peer Family Navigators, and Licensed Professional Counselors  with empowerment, training, and support