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 Welcome, I am Clarene Marie White, the Cook'N Up Excellence Collective serves as the administrative hub for my Inner Care Units, Clarene Cares Consulting, Cook'N Up Cookery, and Cultivating Black Advancement and Alignment  Association fee-for-services membership services, and the Sweet Aromas! Store online is the membership portal. These services are dedicated to specifically helping other Black American women and their families gain access to culturally reflective and responsive healing-centered engagements and peer support, individual capacity, and community-building opportunities. I invite you to share the website and welcome support to help sustain services through your purchasing and gifting a membership, specialty food, or gift baskets.   Whom do you know needs access to an ICU membership or can be a  supporter?  


My Story

  A dream that I had in 1986 activated my purpose, and illuminated the mission and vision for the Inner Care Units (ICU), Cook' N Up Excellence Collective, and Sweet Aromas! Store, and several of my innate abilities, faithfulness, servant leadership, culinary craftsmanship, and entrepreneurship. Over the past 37 years, I began incorporating my faith, well-seasoned servant leadership, entrepreneur, and Personal Chef Instructor talents, and academic and professional learning. I earned a Masters's degree in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis on Organizational leadership, Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Peer Support Specialist, Trainer and Supervisor, Wellness Recovery Action Plan WRAP facilitator, Advance and Psychiatric Care Directive Planning, and Project Management.

Today, an innovative and visionary pioneer in the Mental and Behavioral Health, SUD, and Disability fields, and specialty food Services, Marian Wright Edelman's quote​ "You really can change the world if you care enough." alongside Self-love, my lived experiences with mental health challenges and invisible disabilities, and my commitment to promoting and training in my cultural practices of peer support and storytelling, faith-based beliefs as medicine necessary for healing and wholeness are my tools  


  Clarene Marie White,

M.S., Peer Support Specialist-Trainer and Supervisor, A-PCC, CRC, Chef -Instructor


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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