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Introducing Clarene Marie White 

Consultant| Counselor| | Chef-Instructor| Advocate & Trainer| Advance Peer Specialist and Supervisor

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“I am called to cultivate hope, hold space for healing, and create opportunities for myself and others to grow and to serve". For more than three decades, I have been committed to opening doors of opportunity for those seeking freedom from life struggles that hold them back. As the CEO and founder of the Cook N Up Excellence (CUE ) Collective LLC, I strive to serve the “whole person”, providing services to individuals and families, and organizations through nourishment, Lived kindness, and licensed professional healing and culinary arts. This work is made possible through the generosity of those who share my vision and love for people. I invite you to partner with me in this effort.  


   Clarene Marie White, M.S. Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling 
California Board of Behavioral Science Registered Associate Professional Clinical                             Counselor #6101 |Certified Rehabilitation Counselor # 00278108| Advanced Peer Support Specialist & Supervisor. 


The Cook'N Up Excellence (CUE) Collective LLC was intentionally created in 2018 to collaborate with Food for Your Soul Ministries to address the worldwide problem of barriers to hope, insufficient access to culturally responsive and reflective wholistic care, education, training and mentorship, and to promote the effectiveness of cultural practices to cultivate wholeness and change lives. The Inner Care Units (ICUs) offer contractual and membership-driven fees for service programs and services. 

Consultation appointment scheduling commences June 15, 2022  

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 Consultation, Care Coordination Planning, Coaching & Intervention 

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Consultations: These are an intake process helping us to understand and meet your desire for membership.

Care Coordination Planning: Is person-centered and can include: 

Transferable Job Skills Analysis: These are for injured and re-entry individuals seeking to return to the workforce. Evaluation: Help persons living with a disability identify the need for college accommodations, ergonomic equipment, or the need for emotional support animals. Assessment:  The purpose is to determine Medical Necessity needs for Mental Health, Substance use disorder treatment, and other referrals. Culinary Healing Arts Therapy (CHAT): This intervention program focuses on holding space for engagement in the process of inner healing, formation of identity, the shifting of self-talk, embracing self-advocacy, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and self-love. A New Whole Life: Provides one-to-one and group coaching aimed to help individuals who due to a life circumstance are experiencing adjusting to disability, grief, shifting in the job, criminal justice involvement, or who desire to become set free from mindset, behaviors, and patterns that interfere or that may be causing them harm.

   Black and African American Accelerator (BAAA)


 Provides access to culturally responsive and reflective trainers and supervisors committed to eradicating barriers and increasing Black and African American Peer Support specialist inclusion and ability to grow their capacity in the workforce and become kingdom entrepreneurs through engagement in innovative training, education, intervention, and support programs and services.

Sawubona Programs:  The word Sawubona is a Zulu African greeting meaning I see you. The Sawbono programs see Kingdom Business Entrepreneurs' need for training and Aspiring chefs living with disabilities need for pre-employment training. Peer Support Specialist Training Program: This five-day virtual cohort meets weekly with the online instructor one day per week for two hours. Members are also assigned and must complete an average of 8 hours of homework per week. This training program is intentionally designed for those who serve on Faith-Based organizations and Peer- Run teams, or are working in Healing Arts, Pastoral care, Youth ministry, or professions desiring to become a Peer Support Specialist. Warm Hand-Off: This is a  Supervision opportunity for Peer Support Specialists that provides encouragement, support, training, and placement of individuals with mental health lived experience in volunteering or employment opportunities.  

Culturally Inspired, Cookery, Bakery, Eatery Camps & Events  


Specialty foods, and gifts: Are prepared in our Cookery & Bakery located inside our contracted

and environmental health-permitted kitchen.  Mini Culinary Boot Camps: Aim is to correct myths surrounding cultural foods, revive the lost art of cooking from scratch, and facilitate lessons to increase awareness of culinary terms, and techniques  Pop Up Events: The purpose is to disseminate monthly sponsored meals and resources to eligible college students living with disability, veterans, and families. Seasoning Our Sisters: These are a Zoom 30–50-minute session promoting self-love as the healing balm that comforts and seasons women who are exhausted from practicing being a strong black woman, on assignment as a ministry leader, Kingdom business entrepreneurs, and healing arts professionals. The women are invited to participate in a live gathering quarterly.


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 Curating Conversations with Clarene  

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1. How do I gain more information about your services? 
    Do you have live and Zooom services?
To gain more information about our service A consultation appointment can be booked. We primarily facilitated services using a Zoom platform. Arrangements can be for live group facilitation for organizations, agencies, and businesses having enrollment authorized for a minimum of 10 members.

Who is eligible for membership?

We do not discriminate against anyone, the populations and community organizations listed below are our primary focus: Black and African American women, Military and Correction officers and their families, Healing Arts ministers, pre-certified and registered pre-licensed professionals, Peer Support Specialists, Faith-Based Leaders, and their teams, Stakeholders receiving services from State-run agencies, Peer -Run, and Recovery organizations, EAP, and Insurance companies.

How are Consultation and Care Planning appointments booked and facilitated? 
Upon payment of the fee, appointments are booked. An emailed/texted authorized code is sent 72 hours prior to the appointment. Appointments are facilitated in scheduled in 50 minute- timeslots

4. What is involved in the CHAT groups?
The CHAT groups consist of 7 -20 participants, are interactive, and involve the integration of culinary arts, guided journaling exercises, psychosocial education, and viewing of 1-3 selected videos. Attendance: 1 x weekly for 7 weeks, and 3-50-minute
 scheduled coachings.

5. How do I participate in a Tableside CHATS?
   When are they scheduled?

These are gatherings for workers in the healing and culinary arts, peer support, and spiritual ministering professions. Participation is through a ticketed paid enrollment through Eventbrite registration. The schedule is Bi-monthly.

6.  What is the duration of a Community Workshop and Webcast?
     What are some of the topics?

The durations are generally 50-90 minutes for a workshop and webcast cohorts can be 40 hours. Some topics are Advocacy 101, Disability 101, Peer support training 101, Healing from barriers, racism, stigma, disability, food, health equity, and disability injustice.

7. What are the requirements for Culturally Inspired Meals, Camps, and Events
 Culturally Inspired Meals require one week in advance preordering and payment. Camps and Events enrollment requires Event Brite registration
Are the Mini Culinary Boot Camps age-specific?
     What are the frequency and schedule?

These are open to age-specific groups of 7 members, frequency is 1-2 weeks, the duration is 90 minutes, and are scheduled 2x quarterly.

How do I view your menu?
Our rotating menu is available upon email request.  

What are your Fees?
Each fee is specific to the independent contractor or membership enrollment and is outlined in the service agreement. Fee payments are due upon acceptance of membership. Thereafter, fees are due on the 1st day of each month and are non-refundable.