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Hello and welcome.  I am Clarene Marie White,  living with disability and healing and recovering from barriers, soul wounds and mental health challenges  who is the CEO /Founder of the Cook'N Up Excellence (CUE) Collective established in 2018  -owned provider of services for Black Americans and other underserved populations internationally to remove barriers blocking their best and better versions of themselves. What I do at CUE is be a visionary pioneer succeeding in my purpose to be faith field in  of services tohelp navigate through barriers that I have faced, been healed, from, or am persevering through, soul wounds, racism, stigma, discrimination, health inequity, disability, mental health, and criminal justice injustices, as well as social economic disparities.

 Whom do you know needs access to CUE? 


 Clarene Marie White, CEO & Founder

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Sweet Aromas! Online Store 

Clarene Cares Consulting

CUE Theatre |Cookery| Bakery 

CMW Media

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Clarene Cares Consulting

Welcome to the Sweet Aromas! Online Store

This is the place to : 
1.   Request a menu of services
2.  Book your consultation appointment
3.  Pre-order specialty rotating menu items and gifts
4.  Pay your fee payment invoice                                                


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Clarene Cares Consulting:
Specialty Services:

  • Independent contractor or collaborative grant partner

  • Testimonial or Topic Speaker

  •  Facilitator for group wellness support

​One-to-One Services 

  • Consultation 

  • Psychotherapy        

  • Analysis: Job Transfer Skills, Ergonomic equipment, and Support service animals,

  • Psychosocial evaluation

  • Referrals to Peer Support Specialists and Women & Family and Youth Behavioral Health, and Substance Use Disorder treatment


CUE Theatre -Cookery & Bakery 
This is where I innovatively infused my cultural traditions with education, peer support, and healing  engagements  
C.H.A.T.S. -
Culinary Healing Arts Therapy and Support is a pilot program that incorporates culinary arts, mentoring, & wellness services.

Dishability Hour Podcast, A 50-minute testimony or topic discussion centered on mental health, disability, and womanhood   

Tableside Chats Gatherings: This is a quarterly event focused on supporting and celebrating women serving in the healing arts, peer support, and women or youth leadership ministry. 



Care  Supporters: Purchase 10 small meals @ 25.00 monthly that are provided to persons living with disability,  veterans, and peer support participants to receive paid admission to   Contribute $300

       Education Sponsors  Contribute 300-$1600.00 

For  7 youths ages 7-25 from designated neighborhoods in the San Joaquin Central Valley regions. to have paid admission  Mentoring of Helping us with expenses of a delivery van to and

CASH APP:: $cuellc, VENMO: @cuecollectivellc, Zelle@clarencares

 1. Who is eligible for membership?
CUE does not discriminate against anyone. However, our primary focus is the Black Community especially pre-certified and registered Healing Arts professionals, Peer Support Specialists, Faith-Based Leaders, and their teams, Justice involved stakeholders receiving services from State-run agencies, Peer -Run, and Recovery organizations, EAP, and Insurance companies. 

How do I gain more information about your services and fees?  
After viewing our social media pages recording and posting potential members can text or call our Sweet Aromas Store @ 559 352-8036 to schedule a 50-minute consultation appointment and pay our non-refundable $50.00 consultation fee.

3. How do I confirm my enrollment?
Confirmation of enrollment is sent within 72 hours via text or email of the consultation appointment.

4. How do I pay the membership fee payment?
CUE membership fees are outlined in our service agreement. Payments are due at the time services are rendered and are non-refundable. We acceptable Visa and Master Card Debit and Credit Cards, and automatic withdrawals from a Bank account, At the sole discretion authorized by CUE's CEO fee payment arrangements may be considered. 

5. What are some topics for Community Workshops and PodCast?
Clarene 's Inside Story, Advocacy 101, Disability 101, Peer support 101, and Healing from barriers and injustices.



Text: 559 352-8036





   Clubhouse: @clarenewhite



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