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The Centre of Wholeness

 An innovative mental and heart health education and peer support hub

Sponsored by Food for Your Ministries and partnered with the Cook'N Up Excellence Collective and Fresh Wind Stockton Ministries.

Our Story

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  The Centre of Wholeness hub was envisioned by founder Clarene Marie White after her December 2023 health crisis that required emergency and critical care hospitalization, the loss of 37 pounds, and major surgery, Since then she has subsequently been diagnosed with Broken Heart Syndrome Congestive Heart failure (CHF) and Cardiomyopathy a deformation of the heart muscle directly related to connective tissue disease rheumatoid arthritis. To support her rehabilitation and healing process at home, she envisioned intertwining her cultural healing practices and principles, food as medicine, the art of Cookery (preparing foods), and storytelling, with psychosocial intervention and education focused on reducing psychosocial factors associated with cardiovascular disease, lack of social support, stress at work and in family life, anxiety disorders and depression on learning the multiple types of rest, stress management. As she transitioned in her health status she also planned to add coping strategies that she learned during her participation in the Columbia Univesity 2023 weekend Narrative Medicine Conference. Despite her voice being affected by symptoms of CHF hoarseness and laryngitis she is committed to using it to share her restorative story of how her faith and self-love increased her ability to self-regulate and pivot away from and heal from the root cause of her diagnosis with Broken Heart Syndrome and Cardiomyothpathy, bereavement, grief, and loss due to unresolved marital problems, the death of her brother, and business partner, hidden disabilities depression,  and progression of Rheumatoid, Fibromaylsia, Osteo Artherist conditions. that led to the onset of stress. Clarene is a carrier of hope fueled by her faith to serve as a healer. She has a 38-year history of being a food, healing, and social justice advocate. She is a licensed and nationally certified counselor, consultant, conversationalist-speaker, Educator, Peer supervisor, Chef-Instructor, Women's Ministries servant leader, and Kingdom-based entrepreneur. She holds a Master's degree in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling and a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis on organizational leadership, Clarene envisions the Centre of Wholeness where she can continue to be a carrier of hope and a pioneer in the healing arts space using her voice to share her story of the journey to wholeness and continue her wholehearted support of women in new and innovative ways throughout their healing process and progressively achieving wholeness.


Our mission is to create innovative peer support pathways, associations, educational, training, and events to improve women, especially Black women across the San Joaquin Central Valley's mental and heart health, and wholeness.  Our vision is to support women as they eliminate their inability to navigate and successfully transition through internal, external, social injustice, and socioeconomic barriers disrupting their building of a legacy of wholeness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Who do you know needs CW Peer Support Services? 

Consultation, Conversation, and Connections

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Initial consultation: Our culturally affirming, responsive services commence with a consultation appointment to support each participant in being informed of our services and determining the best fit for membership enrollment, fee-for-service engagement, or identification and facilitation of referral to community partners,

Peer Support Consultation, Education, and Supervision: As the Peer support and Behavioral health field grows Peer-run, Behavioral Health, Faith-based, and SUD organizations need Consultant training for Peer Support Supervision training to enhance through a Peer-led supervised weekly cohort of 3-7 peers under a Cal MHSA Cal-trained supervisor. ​​

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Studio Sessions

​The CW Studio sessions focus on the dissemination of community education and art health group support:

Conversations with Clarene

These are presented as podcasts, recorded webinars, workshops, Blogs, and panel discussions where relevant mental and heart health and Mind-Heart-Body connection education, strategies, and tools to eliminate attitudinal, social, and environmental barriers and support various stages of transitioning through Womanhood, Mental and Heart Health challenges, and Disability.

Culinary Healing Arts Therapy & Support

 CHATS is an innovative 90-minute peer support group. The focus is experiential learning of our blending of healing strategies, utilizing cultural food as medicine, sharing experiences with spiritual soul care, and mental health wellness, and facilitation of Psychosocial education topics cultivating self-love, self-efficacy, stress management, narrative medicine storytelling, and writing.

The ideal participants are women who identify as Black Americans affected by both mental and heart health, Healing Arts entry-level and licensed, ministry leaders, and veterans, and youth 18-25. 


Connection Theatre

The CW Theatre is where connections are made and wholesome events take place.  Participation requires registration and prepayment.

Chef Clarene's Cookery Hour: The focus is the cultural art of Cookery as an art health tool for mental and heart health, food literacy, and culinary language and tools. 

Tableside CHATS:
These are culturally affirming and family-oriented wholesome events including a small plate meal and cultural creative arts

Portions to Go Pop-Ups: The menu items make a perfect choice for a Self-love gift, a shared family or friendship meal.

Menu: ​Jars of Goodness: Salads and Waffle sticks per dozen,

Just Dessert

How  to get started 

The Centre of Wholeness Consultations, Group peer support services, Prepaid food orders, and the purchase of event tickets, gifts, and merchandise are accessible through the Sweet Aromas Online Store portal. All Fee payments are due on the 1st day of the month and made payable to Food For Your Soul Ministries .

Centre of Wholeness

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