The Cook'N Up Collective CEO and Consultant

 Meet Clarene Marie White

CHEF CLARENE 10-27.jpg

Chef/Culinary Educator

 BBS Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor 6101
Certified Rehabilitation Consultan-Counselor 00278108

   Whenever I am asked about my story andthe motivation for my creation of CUE and the Inner Care Units services, my answer starts with conveying that through my faith I sensed that the urgency now exists to help bring forth innovation to food, healing, spiritual, disability, and mental health justice efforts. Secondly, I am honoring my parents and community who shielded me from onslaught with Racism, food. Identity challenges, cultural stigma, and social-economic barriers have caused me to feel pain, shame.that the various seasons of life experiencing healing and release of pain points have increased my ability to adjust, pivot, and move forward. healing, spirituality, disability, mental health injusticeLastly, because I have benefited from access to  healing centered and culturally responsive and reflective engagement, peer support, and options for capacity building are the keys to unleashing the reality of the ability to realize self and community betterment, and ultimately to do all things with the spirit of excellence.  I have been uniquely prepared through lived experiences to do so.have invested  35 years being a creative grassroots organizer, honing and expanding my hands-on learning to become a social entrepreneur, and consultant, now qualified to manifest the vision. My achievement as life-long learning includes a Master level degree in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership, several professional certifications. My SUD program develop and Behavioral counselor, chef-educator experience T

I hope for the Inner Care Units is to become a replicable model for others to lead with cultural and spiritual identity and capacity.

I am looking forward to joining the legacy of Black women CEOs experiencing the riches of reciprocity and wholeness.

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